Biodegradable Hemostat Material

The scientists at the Indian Institute of Nano Science and Technology have developed a biodegradable hemostat material from starch.


Hemostat is a medical tool used to stem bleeding. Hemostat materials are designed to absorb excess fluids and to concentrate the clotting components in the blood to stop the bleeding. Stemming life-threatening bleeding after injuries is one of the most vital steps in dealing with accidents.

The Starch-based Material

The new starch based hemostat is biodegradable in nature. Its microparticles form a gel like substance on the wound and improve the efficiency with which the blood flow is curbed. It is biocompatible and also inexpensive to produce. It also has improved adhesion and was shown to stop heavy bleeding in less than a minute in animal subjects.

Manufacture of the Material

The biodegradable starch based hemostat was developed by chemically modifying natural starch into microparticles. The hydroxyl groups in the starch were modified into carboxymethyl groups. Calcium ions were also included. The product is called ‘calcium modified carboxymethyl starch’. It can form the gel in 30 seconds.


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