Bengaluru Suburban Rail Project – Key Facts

As per Karnataka government, work on ‘Bengaluru Suburban Rail Project’ will start in month of September 2021. Project is expected to be completed by 2026.


  • Project will be completed at an estimated cost of Rs 15,767 crore.
  • It is being considered as India’s most integrated rail project.
  • Project will connect Bengaluru with its suburbs through a rail-based rapid-transit system.
  • This project has been a dream of Karnataka governments since 1983.


Bengaluru Suburban Rail Project  was proposed by Karnataka government in 1983. It was first proposed by an expert team from Southern Railway (then Bengaluru was under purview of Southern Railway). Its proposal was submitted as Karnataka’s first Transportation Survey which was commissioned by the then Chief Minister R Gundu Rao.

Aim of the project

Project was proposed with the aim of linking Bengaluru to its suburbs, satellite townships and surrounding rural areas by rail-based rapid-transit system. It is expected air-conditioned and metro-like trains will run across the network. It will also provide a fast, safe and more comfortable mode of travel to rural and urban commuters.

Who will implement the project?

This project will be implemented by Rail Infrastructure Development Company, Karnataka, (K-RIDE) which is a joint venture of government of Karnataka and Union Ministry of Railways.

Areas covered under this project

This project will span across a rail network of 148.17 kilometres. A total of 57 stations planned across four corridors. It will connect Karnataka capital to its outskirts in six directions. Four corridors have been named after regional flowers of Bengaluru viz, Sampige (Champa), Parijata (Prajakta), Mallige (Chameli), and Kanaka (Priyardarsha).




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