Barbados elects first ever President

The Caribbean Island called Barbados, in a bid to become a republic, has elected its first ever president.


  • This is a key step in preparations for becoming a republic.
  • This move will also remove Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II as head of state of Barbados.
  • Sandra Mason, who is the current governor-general of the island, will sworn in as president on November 30, 2021.
  • November 30 marks the 55th anniversary of independence of Barbados from Britain.


Sandra Mason had announced the break with Britain in September 2020 and said that, time has come to fully leave the colonial past behind.

British Control on the nation

Barbados was claimed by the British in the year 1625. It has been referred as “Little England” sometimes, because of its loyalty to British customs.

About Barbados

Barbados is an island country, located in Lesser Antilles of the West Indies, it is the most easterly part of the Caribbean Islands. The country has a length of 34 kilometres & width of 23 km. It covers an covering an area of 432 km2. The country is outside the principal Atlantic hurricane belt. Its largest city is Bridgetown, which also happens to be its capital.

Tourist Destination

The island country is relatively prosperous and a popular tourist destination. Before the covid-19 pandemic, more than a million tourists used to visit its idyllic beaches and crystalline waters every year. The island is also well-known for the birthplace of superstar singer Rihanna.




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