AYUSH Ministry’s recommendations for ‘Holistic Health and Well Being’

AYUSH Ministry has released its fresh recommendations for ‘Holistic Health and Well Being’.


  • Ministry has highlighted that, recommendations for public on ‘holistic health and well-being’ focuses on preventive measures & care during ‘COVID-19 and Long COVID-19’.
  • Ministry has recommended:
  1. General preventive measures
  2. Methods of promoting systemic immunity
  3. Ways of promoting local mucosal immunity along with other preventive courses like fumigation
  4. Mental health and measures to increase mental strength.

Recipes of easily digestible food

Ministry’s has also recommended recipes of some easily digestible food like Moong dal Khichdi and Mudga Yusha.

Holistic Health Concept

The document by AYUSH ministry also puts forth the concept of holistic health. It emphasizes on the self-care of individuals by addressing several dimensions of life and health. These recommendations have been formulated by emphasizing on the need of a healthy lifestyle with Ayush preventive measures and care.

Other recommendations

Other recommendations by Ministry include:

  1. Ministry recommends methods to promote systemic immunity and some ways to promote local mucosal immunity besides other preventive courses like fumigation (Dhupana).
  2. It further recommends for pictographic presentation of Ayush practices and local or mucosal immune responses as well as relationship between good & weak digestive fire, immunity, nutrition & infection.
  3. It also illustrates Yoga asanas which can be practiced during Covid-19.




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