AUSINDEX: 4th India-Australia biennial maritime series

India and Australia participated in the fourth iteration of the biennial maritime series called ‘AUSINDEX’ on September 30, 2021.

Key Facts

  • This exercise will allow the Royal Australian Navy and Indian Navy in strengthening their “inter-operability” by sharing the best practices.
  • It will also help in developing a ‘common understanding of procedures for maritime security operations’.
  • AUSINDEX Maritime exercise are conducted in India and Australia alternatively.
  • The 4th edition is being conducted in the Northern Australia Exercise Area.
  • In the fourth edition, surface units of both countries will be included.
  • Units will exercise with HMAS Rankin, F-18 aircraft, Royal Australian Air Force P-8A, integral helicopters of Australian & Indian Navy and Collins Class Australian Submarine.
  • This exercise is aligned to the 2020 Comprehensive Strategic Partnership between both the countries.

Significance of the exercise

AUSINDEX maritime exercise provides an opportunity to showcase the ability of conducting ‘high-end maritime warfare training’ with India. It also showcases a range of Australian Navy maritime capabilities.


Indian and Australian Navy started conducting the bilateral maritime exercise called AUSUNDEX in 2015. Over the years, the exercise ‘AUSINDEX’ has grown in complexity. Its third edition was conducted in the Bay of Bengal in 2015. The exercises held in the Bay of Bengal, for the first time, included anti-submarine drills.

India-Australia Maritime Cooperation

India and Australia also conducted “Ex AUSTRA HIND” which is a bilateral Exercise between Armies of both the countries as well as “EX PITCH BLACK” which is a multilateral air combat training exercise of Australia.




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