Ashta Pradan

Ashta Pradan

The eight prominent officials of Marathas were known as Ashta Pradhan. They were as follows:

  • Peshva (Prime Minister)
  • Amatya or Mazumdar (Finance Minister)
  • Waqia-Navis (like a home minister)
  • Samant or Dabir (dealing with the outsiders)
  • Sachiv (The official correspondence)
  • Pandit Rao (The official religious officer)
  • Sar-i-nabuat (army affairs)
  • Nyayadhish (judiciary)

There were eight subordinate officials to support the above and they were known as Diwan, Mazumdar, Fadnavis, Daftardar, Karkhani, Chitnis, Jamdar and Potnis.

The Jagir system was abolished by Shivaji and he preferred giving the cash salary. Until now The revenue collection was the job of the Kulkarnis and Patils, and the officer was hereditary. Shivaji changed this system and the revenue collection was not now a hereditary job.

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