AIIMS launches ‘Healthy Smile’ Mobile App

A bilingual mobile application ‘Healthy Smile’ was launched by AIIMS in a bid to raise awareness on maintaining oral hygiene among children.

Key Facts

  • This app is an initiative of the Department of Paediatric and Preventive Dentistry, with the help of AIIMS intramural research grant.
  • This initiative was launched with the aim of spreading awareness on maintaining oral hygiene among children right from infancy.
  • It will also motivate them to brush thoroughly twice a day.
  • App will provide information on how they can keep dental decay under control through simple home care measures.

Feature of the App

The app comprises of a musical two-minute brushing timer along with preventive dental care tips for all age groups of children, child-friendly colourful panels, motivational songs, FAQ’s & oral care tips during pregnancy and brushing demonstration videos.

Why this app was launched?

This app was launched after realizing the fact that “dental caries was found to be prevalent” among the paediatric population of India up to the extent of 40-50 percent.

Significance of the app

Development of the dental health education app for children will prove to be extremely beneficial in bringing good oral hygiene habits from the early childhood. It will help in reducing the burden of dental diseases in near future.




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