AI Prosecutor: China’s recent AI project

Researchers in China have developed a machine which can charge people with crimes by using artificial intelligence. This is world’s first developed.

AI Prosecutor

  • The AI prosecutor have the capability to file a charge with more than 97 percent accuracy. It will file a charge on the basis of verbal description of the case.
  • It was built and tested by Shanghai Pudong People’s Procuratorate, which is China’s largest and busiest district prosecution office
  • It could run on a desktop computer. For each suspect, the prosecutor would press a charge based on 1,000 traits, which are obtained from human-generated case description text.
  • In between 2015 to 2020, the machine was “trained” using more than 17,000 cases.

Significance of the technology

The AI prosecutor technology will help in reducing prosecutors’ daily workload and allow them to focus on more difficult tasks. It will replace prosecutors in the decision-making process to some extent.

Use of AI technology in Law enforcement

  • Application of AI technology in law enforcement has been increasing
  • Some German prosecutors have used AI technology like image recognition and digital forensics for increasing case processing accuracy and speed.
  • China’s prosecutors were early adopters and they started using AI in 2016.
  • Many of the prosecutors use an AI tool called as System 206. The tool can evaluate the conditions for an arrest, strength of evidence and how dangerous a suspect is to the public.
  • However, all the existing AI tools have a limited role, since they do not participate in decision-making process of filing charges.

Decision-making process

Decision-making would require a machine to identify and remove any contents of a case file, which are irrelevant to a crime. Machine would also require to convert complex and human language into a standard geometrical or mathematical format to make it understandable for computers.




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