Agra: Vacuum-based Sewer System

Agra has become the first city in India to have a vacuum-based sewers system. These vacuum-based sewers will be used in the city’s public places. 240 houses near the Taj Mahal have been connected with this vacuum-based sewer by the Agra Smart City corporation as conventional sewer systems cannot be used.


  • These homes have been connected to a vacuum-based sewer as they are in a low-lying area.
  • In this area, around 112 chambers have been made, in which the sensors for this system have also been installed.
  • This system will be automatically issuing an alert if there is a choke or any other problems.
  • All the chambers of this system have been equipped with geographic information system (GIS) based sensors. This will help in pinpointing the area of the chamber along with any problem that comes up.

Maintenance of this system

This system will be maintained and cared for by a company from the Netherlands for a period of up to five years.

Cost of the system

The vacuum-based sewer network has been constructed at Rs 5 crore.

Sewer connection work

The sewer connection work in the city is estimated at Rs 100 crore. By using a 53 km long sewer line, 60000 houses have been connected.


If the trial of this system in Agra becomes successful, then Kochi Municipal Corporation will also be installing the vacuum-based sewer system.




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