Aptitude Question ID : 94044

The value of * in this sequence $latex 27, 9, 3, *, \frac{1}{3}, \frac{1}{9}, \frac{1}{27}&s=1$ is :

The given sequence is based on the following pattern :
$latex 27\xrightarrow{\times \frac{1}{3}}9\xrightarrow{\times \frac{1}{3}}3\xrightarrow{\times \frac{1}{3}}\underline1\xrightarrow{\times \frac{1}{3}}\frac{1}{3}\xrightarrow{\times
\frac{1}{3}}\frac{1}{9}\xrightarrow{\times \frac{1}{3}}\frac{1}{27}&s=1$
∴ The value of * is 1, hence option [B] is the right answer.

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