GK for SSC and PCS Examinations [Test-158]

For which among the following offenses, Manu recommended higher punishment to Brahamans than the persons of other varnas?
Who was the first Tirthankara in Jainism?
Who among the following Pallava ruler built Vaikuntaperumal temple at Kanchi ?
Which part of the Human Body stores Glycogen?
The year 1576, is famous for which among the following battles?
Which among the following is the most common source of Viruses to the hard disk of your computer? 
Which among the following is an example of “Card not present transaction” in context with the Credit / Debit Cards?
Who among the following was the first Indian woman president to chair the Indian National Congress at Kanpur session of 1925?
During the company rule, the Hindu Widows Remarriage Act was drafted by__ ?
With reference to the relative position of French and the Britishers on the eve of Carnatic wars, consider the following observations:
1. The position of the English East India Company was superior to that of the French East India Company
2. The Naval Power of Frech was superior to the British
Which among the above is / are correct statements? 
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