General Science - Physics MCQs

Physics Objective (Multiple Choice) General Knowledge & General Science Questions & Answers for SSC-CGL, UPPSC, UPSC, NDA, CDS and UPSC Civil Services Prelims Examinations.

51. Two satellites, A having mass of 500 kgs and B having mass of 1200 kgs, are launched from earth. Which of these will have a greater orbital velocity if the radius of orbit is same for both?

[A] Satellite A
[B] Satellite B
[C] Both satellites will have the same orbital velocity
[D] Cant be determined

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52. What is the escape velocity of a planet having mass 6 times and radius 2 times as that of earth?

[A] 3 ve
[B] √2 ve
[C] √3 ve
[D] 2 ve

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53. Which of the following is incorrect about the Inter atomic and Intermolecular Forces?

[A] Both the forces are electrical in origin
[B] Both the forces are active over short distances
[C] General shape of force-distance graph is similar for both the forces
[D] None of the above

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54. What is the ratio of change in configuration to the original configuration called as?

[A] Strain
[B] Stress
[C] Elasticity
[D] Rebound

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55. What is the maximum stress after which the wire breaks called as?

[A] Tensile strength
[B] Shear strength
[C] Bulk strength
[D] Hooke’s strength

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56. What is the order of distance for interatomic forces to be active?

[A] 10–7 metre
[B] 10–8 metre
[C] 10–9 metre
[D] 10–10 metre

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57. Which of the following is the correct equivalent of 1 atmosphere?

[A] 1 atmosphere = 1.013 × 105Pa
[B] 1 atmosphere = 1.013 × 104Pa
[C] 1 atmosphere = 1.013 × 103Pa
[D] 1 atmosphere = 1.013 × 102Pa

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58. What is the device used to measure the flow speed of incompressible called as?

[A] Torri-meter
[B] Bernoulli-meter
[C] Hydro-meter
[D] Venturi-meter

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59. Which of the following has no effect on the pressure beneath the surface of a liquid?

[A] Area of the liquid surface
[B] Density of the liquid
[C] Strength of the gravitational field
[D] Depth of the liquid

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60. Which of the following is equal to the upthrust of the body?

[A] mass of body
[B] weight of liquid
[C] weight of liquid displaced
[D] density of liquid

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