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81. Which of the following device distributes network traffic across a number of servers?

[B] Load Balancer
[C] Switch
[D] Hub

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82. What is the name given to the device that converts between two different types of transmission for interoperation?

[A] Bridge Router
[B] Protocol Convertor
[C] Multilayer Switch
[D] Hub Jointer

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83. Which of the following hubs can store, amplify, split and retransmit the received signals?

[A] Passive Hub
[B] Active Hub
[C] Intelligent Hub
[D] All of the Above

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84. What do we call the time it takes for an entire message to completely arrive at the destination from the time the first bit is sent out from the source?

[A] Propagation time
[B] Transmission time
[C] Latency
[D] Throughput

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85. Which of these network topologies has every computer and network device connected to single cable?

[A] Mesh
[B] Ring
[C] Star
[D] Bus

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86. What role does fibers play in Optical Fiber cables?

[A] Prevent loss of signals
[B] Provide immunity against electromagnetic interference
[C] Both a and b
[D] None

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87. What is the bandwidth limit for CAT5e cable?

[A] upto 1 Mbps
[B] upto 2 Mbps
[C] upto 10 Mbps
[D] upto 1 Gbps

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88. Which of these waves is most commonly used by wireless mouse to communicate?

[A] Infrared
[B] Microwaves
[C] Radio waves
[D] None of the above

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89. Which of the following devices can help to extend the range of a wireless router?

[A] Wireless repeater
[B] Wireless adapter
[C] Wimax
[D] Network interface card

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90. Which of these factors affect the line of sight communication?

[A] line of sight distance
[B] curvature of the earth
[C] Both a and b
[D] None

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