42 -Pandya Kingdom

Multiple Choice Questions and Answers with explanation on Pandya Kingdom for SSC, PCS, UPSC, IAS,NEET, CBSE /UGC NET, Class IX, X, XI and XII Students.

1. Which among the following was the capital of Pandyas Kingdom?

[A] Tondi
[B] Musiri
[C] Madurai
[D] Kaveripattnam

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2. Which among the following was the royal emblem of Pandya Kingdom?

[A] Fish
[B] Carp
[C] Bow
[D] Both a & b

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3. Apart from Madurai, which among the following was also a capital of Pandyas?

[A] Korkai
[B] Kottaikkadu
[C] Thirukkoloor
[D] Pragasapuram

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4. Which among the following was the state emblem of Pandyas?

[A] Fish
[B] Bow & Arrow
[C] Sun
[D] Horse

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5. Madurai was a capital of which of the following dynasties?

[A] Pandyas
[B] Pallavas
[C] Cholas
[D] Cheras

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6. Who among the following are not mentioned in Asokan Inscriptions?

[A] Cholas
[B] Satyaputras
[C] Cheras
[D] Pallavas

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