28 -Gupta Empire: Economy, Numismatics

Multiple Choice Questions and Answers with explanation on Gupta Empire: Economy, Numismatics for SSC, PCS, UPSC, IAS,NEET, CBSE /UGC NET, Class IX, X, XI and XII Students.

1. Which among the following is / are the terms used for coins of the Gupta period?

  1. Dinara
  2. Dramma
  3. Rupaka
  4. Suvarna

Select the correct answer from the codes given below:

[A] Only 4
[B] 1, 2 & 3
[C] Only 1 & 4
[D] 1, 2, 3 & 4

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2. Which among conclusions has been derived from the debasement of the coins and gradual disappearance of gold coins during the post-Gupta period?

[A] Commodities became cheap
[B] Gold Mining was stalled
[C] Money economy was gradually replaced by Barter Economy
[D] There was a decline in trade

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3. In which among the following metals, largest number of coins were issued in Gupta Era?

[A] Gold
[B] Silver
[C] Copper
[D] Brass

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4. In ancient India, which dynasty issued the largest number of Gold coins?

[A] Guptas
[B] Mauryas
[C] Cholas
[D] Nandas

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5. We find the coins of a very less known prince called Kacha. Kacha is considered to have been from which of the following dynasties?

[A] Vakataka
[B] Satavahna
[C] Gupta
[D] Kushans

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6. What was the name of the silver coins issued by Guptas?

[A] Karshapana
[B] Rupaka
[C] Dinara
[D] Pana

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7. What was “Halivakara” in the Gupta Era?

[A] A kind of Tax
[B] A kind of Play
[C] A kind of Instrument
[D] A kind of Tribe

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8. Which among the following is NOT a correct statement in context with the Gupta Era?

[A] Gupta era is known for extensive achievements in science, technology, engineering, art, dialectic, literature, logic, mathematics, astronomy, religion and philosophy
[B] Gupta era crystallized the common elements of Hindu Culture
[C] Maximum number of Gold Coins were issued in Gupta Era
[D] The Gold Content of Gupta Era coins was maximum in comparison to previous major dynasties

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