Who is considered the “Father of Muslim Renaissance in Bengal” in Bengal?
[A] Abdul Latif
[B] Mirza Ghulam Ahmed
[C] Muhammad Qasim
[D] Rashid Ahmed Gangohi

Abdul Latif
Nawab Abdul Latif Khan: (1828-1893) a prominent personality of mid 19th century Bengal, the pioneer of Muslim modernization and the architect of the Muslim Renaissance, was one of those great men who appeared as saviours of their frustrated, humiliated, demoralized and disorganised fellow countrymen under colonial rule His chief contribution was in the field of education. He was among the first to understand that young Bengali Muslims should receive modern education. He understood that the Muslims of Bengal had fallen behind in everything because of their prejudices against modern education. He devoted his whole life to removing this self-destructive prejudice from their minds.