Who has won the first Africa Prize for Engineering?
[A]Askwar Hilonga
[B]Arijit Paladhi
[C]Haroon Lorgat
[D]Rilee Rossouw

Askwar Hilonga
Dr. Askwar Hilonga, a Tanzanian chemical engineer has won the first Africa Prize for Engineering. He was chosen for the award for his specialized water filtration system. Holinga earned £25,000 (US$38,231.50) for his sand-based water filter, which cleans contaminated water using nanotechnology. Each nanofilter absorbs contaminants from specific bodies of water. The contaminants could be heavy metals and minerals, biological impurities like bacteria and viruses, or pesticides. Launched in 2014, the African Prize “encourages talented sub-Saharan African engineers from all disciplines to develop solutions to local challenges, and to develop them into businesses. Hilonga earned the honor after several stages of competition against entrants from 15 African nations.