Which of the following committees is looking into the issues regarding certification under the Cinematograph Act?
[A]Rameeza Hakim
[B]Mukul Mudgal
[C]Lalit Bhasin
[D]Leela Samson

Mukul Mudgal
In the wake of various controversies about film releases as well as their broadcast on television, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (I&B) has set up a panel to examine issues regarding certification under the Cinematograph Act. The committee, which will submit its report within two months, will be chaired by retired Chief Justice Mukul Mudgal. The committee will suggest measures to equip the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) to deal with the increasing number of contemporary requirements of certification and increase in its transparency and efficiency. Some of the issues that the committee will look into include the process of certification under the Act as well as the mechanism followed by the examining and revising committees, categories of certification that exist as well as the ones that have been proposed in the Amendment Bill. It will also look into whether there is a requirement of special categories of certification for broadcasting of films on TV channels and radio stations.