Which of the following are two works of Kalidasa?

Which of the following are two works of Kalidasa?
[A] Raghuvamsha and Kiratarjuniya
[B] Kumara Sambhav and Raghuvamsha
[C]Malti Madhava and Kumara Sambhava
[D]Malti Madhav and Kumara Sambhava

Kumar Sambhava and Raghuvamsha
Kalidasa was one of the gems of the court of Gupta king Chandragupta II (375–415 CE). The poems he wrote were usually of epic proportions and were written in classical Sanskrit. He wrote two epic poems called Kumara sambhava, which means birth of Kumara and the Raghuvamsha, which means dynasty of Raghu. There are also two lyric poems written by Kalidasa known as Meghadutta that stands for cloud messenger and the Ritusamhara that means description of the seasons. Meghadutta is one of the finest works of Kalidasa in terms of world literature. The beauty of the continuity in flawless Sanskrit is unmatched till date. The most famous and beautiful work of Kalidasa is the Shakuntalam. It is the second play of Kalidasa after he wrote Malavikagnimitra. The Shakuntalam tells the story of king Dushyant who falls in love with a beautiful girl Shakuntala, who happens to be the daughter of a saint.


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