Which committee has been formed to probe into Bhagwant Mann’s live streaming of security arrangements in Parliament of India?
[A]Goutam Ghose committee
[B]Kirit Somaiya committee
[C]AT Nana Patil committee
[D]Abhishek Singh committee

Kirit Somaiya committee
Sumitra Mahajan, the Lok Sabha Speaker, has set up a Kirit Somaiya committee to probe into live streaming of a video of Parliament House complex by Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MP Bhagwant Mann on his Facebook page. The 9-member committee will do its inquiry into the serious security implications and related aspects arising out of the audio visual recording around the Parliament House complex. The Somaiya committee will also suggest remedial measures so that such episodes will not be repeated in future. The committee will submit its report on August 3, 2016. Till the decision is made on this matter, Bhagwant Mann has been suspended from Lok Sabha.