Which committee has been constituted by Union Government on trade facilitation?
[A]Pradeep Kumar Sinha committee
[B]Venkaiah Naidu committee
[C]Arun Jaitley committee
[D]Mahesh Kumar Singla committee

Pradeep Kumar Sinha committee
The Union Government has constituted a National Committee on Trade Facilitation (NCTF) under the Chairmanship Pradeep Kumar Sinha, who is the Cabinet Secretary of India, to develop the pan-India road map for trade facilitation.The NCTF has been constituted in line with the World Trade Organisation (WTO) pact in April 2016 on Trade Facilitation Agreement (FTA), which India also ratified. The committee will facilitate domestic coordination and implementation of the TFA provisions. It will also synergise the various trade facilitation perspectives across the country and focus on an outreach programme for sensitization of stakeholders about it.