Which among the following women judges of India have not served as judge in Supreme Court?
[A]Justice Sujatha V Manohar
[B]Justice Fathima Beevi
[C]Justice Janaki Amma
[D]Justice Ruma Pal

Janaki Amma
In August, 2014, Justice R Banumathi became the first woman judge from Tamil Nadu to be elevated to the Supreme Court. As of 2014, she is the only sixth woman judge of the SC since in Independence. The other women judges of the court were Justice M Fathima Beevi, Justice Sujatha V Manohar, Justice Ruma Pal, Justice Gyana Sudha Sharma and Justice Ranjana Prakash Desai. Justice M. Fathima Beevi was the first female judge to be appointed to the Supreme Court of India. Kindly note that till August 2014, no woman has served so far as Chief Justice of Supreme Court of India.