Which among the following was the unit of measurement of land in Maratha dominions ?
[A] Kathi
[B] Tanab
[C] Jarib
[D] Daftari bigha

In the Maratha Land revenue system, Assessment of land revenue was based on measurement. The Kathi of Malik Ambar was adopted as the unit of measurement. Malik Ambar followed the earlier Hindu customs of land measurement and adopted the ‘Kathi’ or measuring stick as the standard for demarcating the boundaries of the land. The length of this kathi was five cubits and five closed fists. (Maharashtra in the Age of Shivaji by Ra Kulakarni 1969). The Maratha government utilized various units for measuring the land but they continued the Kathi as the unit of measurement which was also in practice in Swarajya under Shivaji. The Kathi was later called Shivkathi. Note: Malik Ambar was the regent of the Nizamshahi dynasty of Ahmednagar from 1607 to 1626 and pioneer in guerilla warfare.