Which among the following British men tried to obtain a Firman for trade in Gujarat from Emperor Akbar?
[A] Ralph Fitch
[B] John Mildenhall
[C] Sir Thomas Roe
[D] Thomas Stephens

John Mildenhall
John Mildenhall was a British explorer and adventurer and one of the first to make an overland journey to India. He was the self-styled ambassador of the British East India Company in India. His is the first recorded burial of an Englishman in India. He bluffed in Akbar’s court that he was Her Britannic Majesty’s ambassador. Though he was admitted in the Durbar of Akbar, so that he became the first Englishman privileged to be received by the Great Mughal; yet he could never win the confidence of the Mughal Emperor. Portuguese Jesuits played to keep him or English away from the Mughals.