The resolution of Swadeshi was adopted in which session of Congress?
[A] Madras session of 1903
[B] Bombay session of 1904
[C] Benaras session of 1905
[D] Calcutta session of 1906

Calcutta session of 1906
The resolution of Swadeshi was adopted in 1906 Calcutta session of the Indian National Congress. This session was headed by Dada Bhai Naoroji. Prior to this, in Banaras 1905 session, a resolution of boycott of British goods was put forward. However, it was 1906 session at Calcutta in which four resolutions on self-government, boycott movement, Swadeshi and national education were passed by the Congress. Dadabhai Naoroji said in his presidential speech: “we do not ask for favours we want only justice. Instead of going into any further divisions or details of our rights as British citizens the whole matter can be comprised in one word – self-government or Swaraj like that of the United Kingdom or colonies.”