The India-Nepal folk crafts festival (INCF-2016) has started in which city?
[A]New Delhi

The India-Nepal Folk Crafts Festival (INCF-2016) has started in Kathmandu, Nepal on December 19, 2016 to promote cultural exchanges between the two neighbours. The festival is an initiative of South Asia Foundation (SAF) and aims to promote crafts based bilateral relations and enhance cultural exchanges between the artisans of India and Nepal. The 5-day festival will highlight more than 70 theme based pavilion with focus on folk crafts of India and Nepal, cultural events, live demonstration by crafts-persons, design workshops to be conducted by qualified designers, trade facilitation and exclusive buyer-seller meet among others. The SAF, set up in 1991, has been working to enhance the livelihood of the artisans of the region and contributing towards strengthening the crafts sector of both the countries.