The government has recently changed the minimum land requirements for the SEZ (Special Economic Zones) in to revive interest in special economic zones. As per the new norms, what is the minimum land required for a multi-product SEZ?
[A]50 Hectare
[B]100 Hectare
[C]250 Hectare
[D]500 Hectare

500 Hectare
As per the recently made announcements, the minimum land area requirement for multi-product SEZs has been reduced to 500 hectares from 1,000 hectares, for sector-specific SEZs, the land requirement will be 50 hectares, down from 100 hectares. The minimum built-up area requirement has also been considerably relaxed with the requirement of 100,000 sq. m to be applicable for the seven metros. For so-called B cities such as Kanpur, Visakhapatnam and Rajkot, this will be 50,000 sq. m and for remaining cities, 25,000 sq. m.