The controversial Kalasa-Banduri canal project is associated with which two states?
[A]Karnataka and Maharashtra
[B]Maharashtra and Goa
[C]Karnataka and Goa
[D]Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka

Karnataka and Goa
The Kalasa Banduri is a controversial canal project between Karnataka and Goa. Karnataka plans to divert a meagre 7.56 tmc of its Mahadayi basin contribution to the Malaprabha dam to meet the drinking water needs of the twin cities of Hubballi-Dharwad and the surrounding towns and villages. The plan is to channelise the diverted water through Kalasa- Banduri, two separate canals so that water could be supplied to the twin cities and Nargund, Navalgund, Badami, Ron, Gadag and 100 villages. Kalasa-Banduri project planned in 1989; Goa raised objection to it. Goa filed a complaint seeking setting up of a tribunal in July 2002. The Ministry of Water Resources kept the clearance given to Karnataka in abeyance in September 2002. Goa moved the Supreme Court in 2006 seeking constitution of a tribunal, withdrawing approval for any work in the basin. Mahadayi (Mandovi) is a water deficit basin and water diversion could impact the environment. The Mahadayi Water Disputes Tribunal was set up on 22.11.2010. The tribunal has framed 70 issues for determination of claims by the riparian states. The matter has been posted for hearing on November 23, 2015. The states have completed filing the statements before the tribunal. The final verdict should be given before August 2016.