Place of Dharma-Chakra Jina Vihara constructed by Kumaradevi

At which among the following places, the Dharma-Chakra Jina Vihara was constructed by Gahadavala Queen Kumaradevi?
[A] Bodha Gaya
[B] Rajgrih
[C] Kushinagar
[D] Sarnath

Dharmachakra Jina Vihara In Sarnath, Varanasi :The last great monument in the 12th century : The temples included what is described as the Main Shrine and another entitled the, Dharmachakra Jina Vihara was the gift of Kumaradevi, the Buddhist queen of the great Gahadavala king Govindrachandra of Kannauj (CE 1114-1154).


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