India’s largest start-up incubator will be set up in which of the following states?
[A]West Bengal
[C]Andhra Pradesh

India’s largest start-up incubator will be set up by the Gururaj Deshpande at Hubballi, about 400km from Bengaluru, Karnataka. Deshpande is the Indian-American entrepreneur, philanthropist and venture capitalist. The purpose of the Hubballi programme is to encourage problem-solvers from the local community and allow them to come with solutions with help from the foundation in terms of management, a financial model and connections to global innovators. The 82,000-sqft facility is expected to open in September 2017. It will have the capacity to seat over 1,200 people, which means it can accommodate at least 200 startups. Currently, India’s biggest incubator is at T-Hub in Telangana, housed in a 70,000 sqft building.