India’s first bus to run on biogas will start from which of the following cities?
[C]New Delhi

India’s first bus to run on human and animal waste is set to make debut on the Ultadanga to Garia route in Kolkata in March, 2017. A nominal fare of Rs. 1 would be charged for ferrying passengers on the 17.5km-long Ultadanga-Garia route, irrespective of the distance covered. The 12 biogas buses are expected to run on 12 routes in the city, including Ultadanga-Tollygunge and Ultadanga-Sector V (Salt Lake). The other 9 routes are yet to be finalized. The biogas is a mixture of gases produced by the breakdown of organic substances in the absence of oxygen. It is a renewable energy source and is produced from raw materials like animal and plant waste. It is non-toxic, colorless and flammable and can be used as fuel, for generating electricity and in cooking.