In 1953, under whose chairmanship was the first OBC Commission formed ?
[A]Joachim Alva
[B]Kaka Kalelkar
[C]Hardekar Manjappa
[D]K. K. Shetty

Kaka Kalelkar
Dattatreya Balkrushna Kalelkar, popularly known as Kaka Kalelkar, was a Gandhian Indian patriot. Kalelkar was born in Belgundi Village, Taluka and District Belgaum, Karnataka near Sawantwadi in Maharashtra. In 1953, six years after India got its independence from the British Raj, the central government established a Backwards Classes Commission under Kalelkar’s chairmanship with the charter to recommend reforms for removing inequities for underprivileged people. The Commission issued its report in 1955, recommending, among other things, that the government grant special privileges to untouchables and other underprivileged people.