“Biotech-KISAN scheme” has been launched to empower small and women farmers. What does “KISAN” stands for?
[A]Krishi Innovation Scientific Application Network
[B]Krishi Innovation Skill Application Network
[C]Krishi Innovation Science Application Network
[D]Krishi Innovation Sector Application Network

Krishi Innovation Science Application Network
Dr. Harsh Vardhan, the Union Science and Technology Minister, has launched a new initiatives Biotech-KISAN (Krishi Innovation Science Application Network) scheme in New Delhi to empower farmers, especially women. Under the scheme, fellowship will be given to women farmers for training and education in the farm practice. The purpose of the initiative is to connect farmers, scientist and science institution across the country. The scheme also aims to address individual problem of the smallholding farmers by providing solution. The scheme will be implemented in 15 agro-climatic zones of India in phased manner with the objective of linking new technology to the farm by understanding the problem of the local farmer.