Adya Dhara niradhara, niralamba Saraswati, thus lamented a poet at the demise of which among the following Kings?
[A] Chahmana Visaladeva
[B] Chandela Kirtivarma
[C] Mihira Bhoja
[D] Bhoja Paramara

Bhoja Paramara
Raja Bhoja Of Dhar was a philosopher king and polymath of medieval India. He was from the Paramara dynasty of Arya, who ruled the kingdom of Malwa in Centra India from about 1010 to 1060. On his demise, a poet lamented “Adya Dhara niradhara, niralamba Saraswati Panditah khanditah sarve Bhojraje divam gate”. This means that Saraswati is now helpless, ll learned people have scattered, because the support of Dhara (Kingdom) Raja Bhoj has gone”.