Quiz 9: Marketing Aptitude & Business GK for Bank & Management Entrance Examinations

1.Consider the following statements:
1. Purchasing of
of a family, average age at marriage. Essential commodities like sugar, wheat or rice are not affected by demographic factors. For example purchasing of a car will be affected but these variables but table salt will have be purchased by everybody. In Option 2 of this question, fast food is not an essential commodity. The purchasing decisions of fast food depend upon demographic factors.’, STICKY, CAPTION, ‘More Details’);” onmouseout=”return nd();”>essential commodities
is affected by demographic factors
2. Purchasing of fast food is dependent upon demographic factors
Bring out the correct statements:
(A)1 only is correct
(B)2 only is correct
(C)both 1 & 2 are correct
(D)neither 1 nor 2 are correct

2.A person tends to remember only those facts, thoughts, incidences and messages which are closer to their interests, values and beliefs. This concept is known as follows:
(A)Selective exposure
(B)Selective Information
(C)Selective Retention
(D)Selective Memory
(E)None of them

3.Which among the following is the correct definition of Global marketing?
(A)Development of marketing strategies for entire world or some parts of the world
(B)Development of marketing across the border
(C)Creation of value between two countries
(D)Having subsidiaries in more than one countries
(E)None of them

4.Last year VISA changed its tagline from “Life takes Visa” to________?
(A)Visa Helps More People
(B)More people go with Visa
(D)Visa is Priceless
(E)None of them

5.”Big Blue” is the nick name of which of the following technology giants?
(C)Sun Microsystems
(E)None of them

6.Who among the following endorses the MaxVijay insurance plan of Max New York Life insurance in which a customer can deposit any amount beginning from Rs. 10 at any time during a year and any number of payments towards premium tagged as “Bima Gullak”?
(A)Shahrukh Khan
(B)Amitabh Bachchan
(C)Amir Khan
(D)Akshaya Kumar
(E)Abhishek Bachchan

7.Harley Davidson which forayed in Indian Market in 2009 is a manufacturer and exporter of which of the following based in America?
(E)None of them

8.Consider the following:
1. Encourage the customers to buy a product
2. Persuade a consumer to buy a product
3. Offer discount coupons
4. Distribute free samples
Bring out the main objectives of Sales Promotion among the above options?
(A)1 & 2
(B)1 , 2 & 3
(C)all of them
(D)none of them
(E)3 & 4

9.Consider the following:
1. Manufacturers 2. Middlemen 3. Wholesalers 4. Consumer
Who among the above are beneficiaries of sales promotion?
(A)1 & 2
(B)2 & 3
(C)3 & 4
(D)1 & 4
(E)1 & 3

10.Which of the following banks pioneered merchant banking business in India?
(B)Grindlays Bank
(C)Standard Chartered
(D)Sumitomo Bank
(E)None of them

11.Which among the following is not offered by Offshore banking units:
(A)Exemption from statutory Minimum Reserve requirements
(B)Discretion to offer competitive and profitable interest rates
(C)Low or zero tax
(D)Encouragement to sub prime lending
(E)Easy entry by Foreign Banks

12.Consider the following :
1. Asset management & investment skills 2. Distribution 3. Capital adequacy 4. strong brand name
Which among the above qualities of a bank fulfill the major requirements to be a successful Insurance company as well?
(A)Only 1
(B)only 1 & 2
(C)Only 1, 2, & 3
(D)all of them
(E)none of them

13.Which among the following promotion technique is an example of “Pull” in digital marketing?
(D)Textual marketing on a blog, website or search engine
(E)all of them

14.Which among the following in India is a strength of Public Sector banks and weakness of new private sector / foreign banks?
(A)Automation & technology
(B)Expertise in Niche Marketing
(C)HRD Policies
(D)Decision making
(E)Branch Network

15.A company finances, designs, constructs a road and later covers the cost along with profit by imposing a toll tax for 12 years (for example). This would be places in which of the following category?
(A)Build Own Operate
(B)Build Own Operate Sell
(C)Build Own Operate Transfer
(D)Build Operate Transfer
(E)None of them

16.A particular supermarket sells sugar at the rate of Rs. 28 per kg (market price Rs. 35 per kg) in order to draw customers with an intention to make profit on another products. This will be places in which of the following category of pricing?
(A)Keep out pricing
(D)Leader pricing
(E)Psychological pricing

17.In which of the following circumstances “follow the leader pricing” is generally used?
(C)Oligopolistic Competition
(D)Monopolistic Competition
(E)none of them

18.Which among the following is an example of price discrimination?
(A)28% mark up on digital camera in a superstore and 30% mark up on the same camera in a small retail shop
(B)A digital camera sold for Rs. 12,000 to a wholesaler who sells it for Rs. 12,400 to a retailer
(C)A digital camera sold in Rs. 12,000 at New Delhi and at Rs. 12,500 in Mumbai
(D)A digital camera sold in Rs. 12,000 when bought a single entry and Rs. 10,000 when bought 10 cameras
(E)all of them are examples of price discrimination

19.Which among the following is a correct example of Geo targeting in Internet Advertising ?
(A)A person in Mumbai browsing a New York website on basket ball is delivered ads on basket ball
(B)A person searching for Mumbai lawyers on Google delivered list of websites of Mumbai in the unpaid search engine search results
(C)A website showing Mumbai ads in Mumbai and Chicago ads in Chicago at the same time
(D)A website showing a specific same advertisements all over the world
(E)all of the above

20.Vishal Gondal, winner of Nasscom Innovation Award 2008, who said ” India is a land of Opportunities” is a CEO of which of the following companies?
(D)Aeges BPO

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