Quiz 569: General Studies for State (RPSC/BPSC/TNPSC/UPPCS) exams

1. The controversial biography “Controversially Yours” is of which among the following cricketrs?
[A]Imran Khan
[B]Shoaib Akhtar
[C]Shahid Afridi
[D]Shoaib Malik

2. Which among the following does not come under Corporate Governance ?
[A]Management of rights of shareholders
[C]Ethical Business Conduct
[D] Profits Maximization

3. Which among the following minerals is also known as Horn Silver?
[A]Silver Iodide
[B]Silver Chroride
[C]Zinc Phosphate
[D]Silver Sulphide

4. Which among the following will emit maximum mass of carbon dioxide , when the same quantity is burnt of all of them?
[B]Natural Gas

5. Consider the following statements:
1. The Egg white has more fat value than Egg yolk
2. The Egg White has less proteins than Egg Yolk
Choose the correct statements:
[A]Only 1
[B]Only 2
[C]Both 1 & 2
[D]Neither 1 nor 2

6. Which among the following alkane has largely replaced the ozone layer-depleting halomethanes in household refrigerators and freezers?

7. The Potassium graphite and Calcium Graphite can be mostly used as which among the following?

8. Gargling with a solution of table salt is known to provide relief for a sore throat because ____ ?
[A]It kills bacteria
[B]It works as analgesic
[C]It dehydrates water from inflammatory tissues by Osmosis
[D]Placebo effect

9. Who among the following has been given a constitutional power to address the Parliament of India?
[A]Attorney General
[B]Chief Justice of India
[C]Chief Election Commissioner
[D]Solicitor General

10. Which among the following is the correct impact of the London Forces in the Cycloalkanes?
[A]The melting and boiling points get increased
[B]The Melting and boiling points get decreased
[C]There is not impact on the melting and boiling points
[D]The melting point increases but boiling point decreases

11. Which among the following is the correct location of Earth’s magnetosphere?
[A] Near the centre of Earth
[B]Below Ionosphere
[C]Beyond Ionosphere
[D]Within 12-16 kms of Earth’s surface

12. Which among the following is the correct location of McMurdo Dry Valleys the hyper saline water bodies on dry land?
[B]Central Asia
[C]North America

13. Which among the following is the largest export market for India, for its marine products?

14. Which among the following is the main difference between the Intensive Agriculture Development program (IADP) & Community Development Programme (CDP)?
[A]The basic unit of the CDP was a village, the basic unit of IADP was a Taluka
[B]The CDP was a general development programme, IADP was a sectoral development plan
[C]CDP envisaged no loans and financial assistance, IADP had a package for financial assistance
[D]CDP was based upon area approach, IADP was based upon service approach

15. Who among the following is also venerated as “Second Buddha”?
[A] Padmasambhava
[B] Avalokitesvara
[C] Maitreya
[D] Mahasthamaprapta