Quiz 566: Latest Current Affairs for IBPS Clerical Examination

1. The controversial Sindol hydro-power project is located in which among the following states of India?
[B]Himachal Pradesh
[C]Arunachal Pradesh

2. In which among the following cities is coming up the MIHAN Project ?

3. Which among the following terms does not get a place in Constitution of India?
[A]Attorney General
[B]Comptroller and Auditor General

4. Which among the following state is host to the World Cup Kabaddi 2011?

5. Which among the following state Governments recently banned the staging of La Tomatina festival (Tomato Festival), on lines of a festival that is held in the Valencian town of Bunol, in which participants throw tomatoes at each other?
[B]Madhya Pradesh

6. Consider the following:
1. Scientific Adviser to the Defence Minister,
2. Secretary Defence R&D
3. Director General Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO)
Which among the above offices are held by the same person (Dr VK Saraswat currently) ?
[A]1 & 2
[B]1 & 3
[C]2 & 3
[D]1, 2 & 3

7. India looks for cooperation with which among the following countries for Oil exploration in South China Sea (It has been controversial recently) ?

8. Who among the following is the current President of the Indian Premier League ?
[A]Chirayu Amin
[B]Rajeev Shukla
[C]Shashank Manohar
[D]Krishnamachari Srikkanth

9. Which among the following is / are the main objective(s) of National Green Corps ?
[A]Educate youngsters about environment and eco-systems
[B]Prosecute and Punish the violators of Environment laws
[C]Promote Green Products
[D]All of above

10. Who among the following heads the new committee set up by Ministry of Railways to review “long-term safety needs” of the national transporter?
[A]R S Sharma
[B]Anil Kakodkar
[C]K. S. Dasgupta
[D]Rajeev Chandrasekhar

11. Which among the following country will host the Sixth international conference on Ayurveda and holistic healing in January 2012?
[B]Sri Lanka

12. In which state of India, the Chinar-2011, a Philatelic exhibition and Postal Festival was organized recently in 3 decades?
[A]Uttar Pradesh
[B]Jammu & Kashmir

13. Who among the following was responsible for Petrol price hikes recently?
[A]Government of India
[B]Government of Indian States
[C]Oil marketing Companies
[D]All of them

14. The Ozone Day is observed every year on September 16 as on this day in 1987 the ___________was signed for launching efforts to arrest the depletion of the fragile ozone layer in the stratosphere that prevents the harmful ultra-violet rays of the sun from reaching the earth. Fill the correct word in blank.
[A]Montreal Protocol
[B]Geneva Protocol
[C]Kyoto Protocol
[D]Nagoya Protocol

15. Which among the following is NOT a web browser?