Quiz 385: Current Awareness For All Examinations

1.Which among the following treaties was never signed between US & Russia?
(D)New START Treaty

2.As per a recent survey conducted by Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC), which among the following is world’s Most Confident Market?

3.As per recent data released by Reserve bank of India, what was the number of online frauds in India in 2009?
(A)more than 1000
(B)more than 750
(C)more than 350
(D)more than 250
(E)more than 150

4.Bhairon Singh Shekhawat who recently died was Chief Minister of Rajasthan for ______?
(D)Four times
(E)Five Times

5.What is the total number of branches (approximately ) of ICICI Bank as of May 2010?

6.Which of the following Indian Sports Team is also known as “The Bhangra Boys?
(A)Cricket Team
(B)Hockey Team
(C)Kabaddi Team
(D)Football Team
(E)None of them

7.For how many times India has won the South Asian Football Federation Cup?
(A)2 times
(B)3 times
(C)4 times
(D)5 times
(E)6 times

8.Which among the following international Pen brand had released the controversial “Mahatma Gandhi Limited Edition” of Pens?
(C)Parker Pen Company

9.Which among the following was the venue of two-week meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) in March 2010?
(D)Sharm al Sheikh

10.What is the approximate contribution of Tourism direct as well as Indirect) in India’s GDP?

11.What is the maximum punishment as per IT act 2000 for sending unsolicited emails and spam?
(A)1 year
(B)2 years
(C)3 years
(D)4 years
(E)5 years

12.In the centrally sponsored AUWSP scheme, W stands for _______?
(E)None of them

13.What is the current number of Regional Headquarters of Indian Coast Guard?

14.Which among the following states of India is affected by Jan Mukti Morcha movement?
(B)West Bengal
(C)Andhra Pradesh

15.Consider the following statements regarding Guidelines on Corporate Governance for Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs):
1. These are mandatory guidelines issued by the government in 2007
2. Whistle Blower Policy’ has been duly mentioned in these guidelines
3. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. (ONGC) is the first PSU to adopt the Whistle blower policy
Bring out the correct statements:
(A)1 & 2
(B)2 & 3
(C)1,2 & 3
(D)1 & 3
(E)3 only

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