Quiz 379: General Socio-Economic Awareness for Banking Examinations

1.Many a times we read in the newspapers that credit creation by Banks increases the Money supply. From the following given options, bring out the one, upon which credit creation by banks does not depend?
(A)Demand & supply Conditions
(B)Financial Literacy
(C)Recession or Boom of the economy
(D)Credit control Policy of Reserve bank of India
(E)Liquidity of the banks

2.We read in the newspapers that India’s per capita income has been increasing for last many years, however,even today, India is far from achieving welfare of all. Which of the following statements/ situation indicates a better welfare due to rising per capita income?
(A)The per capita income increases with no change in overall income distribution
(B)The per capita income increases with change in the income distribution in favor of the Rich
(C)The per capita income increases with change in the income distribution in favor of the Poor
(D)The per capita income increases with change in the income distribution in favor of the Industrial Labor
(E)The per capita income increases with change in the income distribution in favor of the rural people.

3.Recently, ASEAN-India Free Trade Agreement came into force. ASEAN accounts for approximately what fraction of India’s Foreign Trade?

4.Euribor is a term associated with which of the following?
(A)An International Financial Company
(B)An association of European Financial Service providers
(C)A reference rate for Euro Money Market
(D)A credit rating agency of Europe
(E)None of the above

5.If the people prefer to keep cash with them rather than deposits, which among the following impacts will be seen on the Money Supply of the country?
(A)The money supply of the country will increase
(B)The money supply of the country will decrease
(C)The money supply of the country will not change
(D)The money supply of the country may increase or decrease
(E)The money supply will increase and interest rates will come down

6.India’s all economic transactions with the outside world in a year will be known as __________?
(A)Balance of Trade
(B)Balance of Payments
(C)Foreign Trade Account
(D)Economic Equilibrium
(E)None of the above

7.In which of the following country is being carried out world’s
largest carbon credit project
? (it recently got UNFCC’s nod )
(E)United States

8.The livestock census in India is done every_______?
(A)3 years
(B)5 years
(C)7 years
(D)10 years
(E)1 year

9.Consider the following:
1. Life Expectancy at Birth
2. Infant Mortality Rate
3. Adult Literacy Rate
4. Number of people below Poverty Line
5. Number of Primary School drop outs.
Which among the above are 3 elements of Human Development Index?

10.Which of the following country is the host of 2014 FIFA World Cup?

11.Which of the following states of India, recently organized International Rhododendron festival recently?

12.Who among the following personalities of India became Bharat ka Paryavaran Ambassador in a poll “Kaun Banega Bharat ka Paryavaran Ambassador” Programme conducted by the Centre for environment Education in partnership with Arcelor Mittal, for the Ministry of Environment and Forest
Government of India in 2009?
(A)Menaka Gandhi
(B)A P J Abdul Kalam
(C)Jairam Ramesh
(D)Shahrukh Khan
(E)Amitabh Bachchan

13.Which of the following sectors of Indian economy has received maximum FDI equity flow in 2009?
(A)Services sector
(C)Housing & Real estate
(D)Agriculture Services

14.Where are located the Headquarters of National Test House?

15.Under which of the following Ministries of Government of India works the Forward Markets Commission?
(A)Ministry of Corporate Affairs
(B)Ministry of Finance
(C)Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises
(D)Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
(E)Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution

16.To which of the following neighbor country , India ceded Kachchatheevu island in 1974?
(B)Sri Lanka

17.Gram Sumangal a 100% central sector scheme provides_________?
(A)Electricity Connectivity
(B)Road Connectivity
(C)Postal Insurance
(D)Micro Credit
(E)Pukka Housing

18.Under which of the following departments / ministries comes the “Grant-in-aid to Universities & Research Institutions” in India?
(A)Department of Economic Affairs
(B)Department of Higher Education
(C)Planning Commission
(D)Ministry of Planning
(E)None of them

19.Who among the following will be benefited by Deflation?
(A)Salary Earners
(C)Equity Holders
(E)None of the above

20.Which among the following are two maximum revenue yielding groups of Indirect taxes in India?
(A)Custom and General Sales Tax
(B)Union Excise Duties and General Sales tax
(C)Union Excise Duties and Customs
(D)Union Excise duties and state Excise duties
(E)None of the above

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