Time and Distance

Quantitative Aptitude Questions and Answers section on “Time and Distance” with solution and explanation for competitive examinations such as CAT, MBA, SSC, Bank PO, Bank Clerical and other examinations.

A man crosses a road 250 meters wide in 75 seconds. His speed in km/hr is:

Speed = \frac{Distance }{Time}=\frac{250}{75}
=\frac{10}{3}m/s=\frac{10}{3}\times \frac{18}{5}km/hr
=2\times 6 km/hr= 12 km/hr
Hence option [D] is the right answer.


An aeroplane covers a certain distance at a speed of 240 km/hour in 5 hours. To cover the same distance in 1\frac{2}{3} hours, it must travel at a speed of :
[A]300 km/hr
[B]600 km/hr
[C]720 km/hr
[D]360 km/hr

720 km./hr.
Let the required speed is x km/hr
Then, 240\times 5=\frac{5}{3}\times x
x=720 km/hr.
Option [C] is the right answer.


An athlete runs 200 meters race in 24 seconds. His speed (in km/hr) is :

Speed = \frac{Distance }{Time}=\frac{200}{24}m/s
=>\frac{200}{24}m/s=\frac{200}{24}\times \frac{18}{5}=30 km/hr
Hence option [B] is the right answer.


A car travelling at a speed of 40 km/hour can complete a journey in 9 hours. How long will it take to travel the same distance at 60 km/hour?
[A]4 hours
[B]4.5 hours
[C]3 hours
[D]6 hours

6 hours
Total distance covered = speed \times Time
=40\times9 = 360km/hr
The required time at 60 kmph = 360\div60=6 hours.
Hence option [D] is the right answer.


A car goes 10 meters in a second. Find its speed in km/hour.

Speed of car = 10 m/s
Required speed in kmph = \frac{10\times 18}{5}=36km/hr
Hence option [C] is the right answer.


A train is travelling at the rate of 45km/hr. How many seconds it will take to cover a distance of \frac{4}{5}km?
[A]90 sec.
[B]120 sec.
[C]64 sec.
[D]36 sec.

64 sec.
Time taken =
= \frac{Distance}{Time}
= \frac{\frac{4}{5}}{45} hour = \frac{4\times 60\times 60}{5\times 45}sec.
= 64 sec.
Hence option [C] is the right answer.


A man walking at the rate of 5 km/hr. crosses a bridge in 15 minutes. The length of the bridge (in meters) is:
[A]1000 m
[B]1250 m
[C]600 m
[D]750 m

1250 m
Speed of the man = 5 km/hr
= 5\times \frac{1000}{60}m/min = \frac{250}{3}m/min
Time taken to cross the bridge = 15 minutes
Length of the bridge = Speed \times Time
= \frac{250}{3}\times 15m = 1250m
Hence option [B] is the right answer.


A man travelled a certain distance by train at the rate of 25 kmph. and walked back at the rate of 4 kmph. If the whole journey took 5 hours 48 minutes, the distance was:
[A]15 km
[B]20 km
[C]25 km
[D]30 km

20 km
Let the distance be x km.
Total time = 5 hours 48 minutes
= 5+\frac{48}{60} = \left ( 5+\frac{4}{5} \right )hours
= \frac{29}{5}hours
\therefore \frac{x}{25}+\frac{x}{4} = \frac{29}{5}
=> \frac{4x+25x}{100} = \frac{29}{5}
=> 5\times 29x = 29\times 100
=> x = \frac{29\times 100}{5\times 29} = 20km.
Hence option [B] is the right answer.


A boy goes to his school from his house at a speed of 3 km/hr and returns at a speed of 2 km/hr. If he takes 5 hours in going and coming, the distance between his house and school is:
[A]6.5 km
[B]5.5 km
[C]5 km
[D]6 km

6 km
Let the required distance be x km.
\frac{x}{3}+\frac{x}{2} = 5
=> \frac{2x+3x}{6} = 5
=> 5x = 6 \times 5
\therefore x = \frac{6\times 5}{5} = 6 km.
Hence option [D] is the right answer.


A boy runs 20 km in 2.5 hours. How long will he take to run 32 km at double the previous speed?
[A]5 hours
[C]2 hours

2 hours
The boy covers 20 km in 2.5 hours.
=> speed = \frac{20}{2.5} = 8 km/hr.
New speed = 16 km/hr
∴ Time = \frac{32}{16} = 2 hours.
Hence option [C] is the right answer.