Quantitative Aptitude Questions and Answers section on “Time and Distance” with solution and explanation for competitive examinations such as CAT, MBA, SSC, Bank PO, Bank Clerical and other examinations.

Aptitude Question ID: 106308

A student goes to school at the rate of km/hr and reaches 6 minutes late. If he travels at the speed of 3 km/hr, he reaches 10 minutes earlier. The distance of the school is : [A]4 km [B]10 km [C]20 km [D]45 km Show Answer 4 km Distance of school = x km Difference

Aptitude Question ID: 106300

A is twice as fast as B and B is thrice as fast as C is. The journey covered by C in hours will be covered by A in : [A]15 minutes [B]20 minutes [C]30 minutes [D]1 hour Show Answer 15 minutes Let speed of B = x km/hr Speed of A = 2x km/hr

Aptitude Question ID: 106268

A truck travels at 90 km/hr for the first hours. After that it travels at 70 km/hr. Find the time taken by the truck to travel 310 kilometres. [A]2.5 hours [B]3 hours [C]3.5 hours [D]4 hours Show Answer 4 hours Distance covered by truck in hours = Speed Time Remaining Distance = 310 – 135

Aptitude Question ID: 106107

A man covers of the total journey by train, by bus and remaining 10 km by foot. His total journey is : [A]12.8 km [B]15.6 km [C]16.4 km [D]24 km Show Answer 24 km Let the total journey be of x km, then Hence option [D] is correct answer.

Aptitude Question Id: 106102

Sarita and Julie start walking from the same place in the opposite directions. If Julie walks at a speed of and Sarita at a speed of 2 km/hr, in how much time will they be 18 km apart? [A]4 hours [B]4.5 hours [C]4.8 hours [D]5 hours Show Answer 4 hours Relative speed Hence option [A]