On which among the following routes, India’s first domestic air flight took place?

On which among the following routes, India’s first domestic air flight took place?
[A]Delhi – Mumbai
[B]Delhi – Karachi
[C]Mumbai – Pune
[D]Delhi – Lahore

Delhi – Karachi
First domestic air route was unwrapped between Delhi and Karachi by the Indian State Air Services (in collaboration with Imperial Airways of the UK) in December 1912. The history of Air India is the History of Indian Aviation. It is one of the oldest and the largest airline of India. Air-India was founded by J.R.D. Tata in July 1912 as Tata Airlines. Founded as a small, private, domestic carrier in 1932, Air-India is now owned by government. It operates only on International routes and has negligible presence in the domestic traffic. Then countries’ first air mail service was started by the Tata Airlines in 1912. Although Tata Airlines was started as an air mail service but later it endeavoured in carrying scheduled passenger traffic. Tata Airlines was renamed as Air India in 1946.
In early 1948, a joint sector company, Air India International Ltd., was established by the Government of India and Air India (earlier Tata Airline). There were eight companies were in service within and outside the country at the time of independence, namely Tata Airlines, Indian National Airways, Air service of India, Deccan Airways, Ambica Airways, Bharat Airways and Mistry Airways.
In 1950, the Government formed an Air Traffic Enquiry Committee to consider the problems of the airlines industry. Some problems faced by the airline industry at that time included, the towering prices of aviation fuel, mounting salary bills and disproportionately large fleets. The financial health of companies declined even with liberal Government support, particularly from 1949, and an upward trend in air cargo and passenger traffic. The Committee, although found no justification for nationalization of airlines, it supported their voluntary merge.
So, Government in the wake of vanishing financial conditions of the Airlines decided to take some actions and nationalize the air transport industry. Accordingly, two self-governing corporations were created on August 1, 1953.

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