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GKToday's Full Length UPSC CSE (Prelims) Test Series - 2019

UPSC Prelims Test Series 2019 – Mock Test-1

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Mock Merit List

Don’t Give Up1135.328
Mindful Indian2108.661
Pratik Anand4101.991
Rivu Dikpati5101.322
Sanidhya Raj Sharma698.661
vivek agrahari788.656
Anuj Mavlankar883.991
Vaibhavi Kadam983.322
vivek matre1082.657
Rock k1181.319
ashish pandey1280.659
Wali K S Hkr1376.657
nisha santhosham1473.321
asif shaik1571.991


  • sanat verma

    fine question

  • Gangadhar Gangu

    Good for all exam