PDF Package – 35 Prelims GS Tests – 2019


This PDF E-Book Package comprises of 35 PDF documents of GKToday’s Open to Attempt Test Series – 2019 for UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Examination.

Do I need to buy this package if I just want to attempt your tests online?

No. GKToday’s Prelims Test Series – 2019 is open to all for attempting the test on GKToday website. You can register; attempt the test  for free and see your score  / performance relative to other aspirants who had taken the test before you. Your rank remains dynamic and keeps changing as more unique users attempt the test after you.

Can I attempt tests on GKToday’s app?

No. The tests are available only on GKToday Website. They will not be available in android app.

What other products I shall be eligible to download apart from the 35 tests?

This package provides download access to only 35 PDF documents of this test series as per their schedule. If you need to download any other E-books available in this site, you will need to make separate payment for that.

Where is the Test Series?

Links to all online tests and their PDF booklets will be available in Test Series – 2019 table here as per the schedule.

Important Note

Kindly note that GKToday will not come up with an integrated programme for 2019-20 because most of our mains static documents are either incomplete or will soon get outdated; and need due revision to the level of our own satisfaction. Since different sections of Mains syllabus take different time to complete, we have decided to put different modules as per specific parts of GS Mains Syllabus on pay per module/ pay per paper basis as and when they are ready. You will need to purchase them separately.

This purchase will credit 30,000 Points in your account.