Marketing Aptitude for Banking Exams : Quiz 10

1.Recently we read in the newspapers that ITC has appointed cricketer Yuvraj Singh and film actor Soha Ali Khan as the brand ambassador for the Classmate brand of notebooks for students. Which among the following is the best reason that ITC is prompted to develop this segment of market in
(A)Notebook market is new untapped market in India
(B)Notebook Market is a Big market in India but still dominated by unorganized players
(C)Indian students now need branded notebooks in their schools
(D)ITC has a good market share in Indian education sector.
(E)The development of Notebook market will help ITC to share its business risk

2.Recently against which mobile company , Nokia approached Advertising Standards Council of India against a television advertisement which plays on the brand name Nokia phonetically?
(A)Sony Erricson

3.Mobile company makes three categories of its dealers Silver, Gold and Platinum for effective channel management. Which among the following is the motive of the company for this categorization?
(A)To Identify groups of customers with basically similar wants, needs and preferences
(B)To segment the market on the basis of socio economic basis
(C)To evolve a reward system based upon performance of the dealers
(D)To make distribution channel more effective by categorization of dealers
(E)all of above

4.Generally, which among the following period plans are called long term plans in marketing ?
(A)More than six months
(B)More than a year
(C)More than 3 years
(D)More than 5 years
(E)None of them

5.Which of the following is not a criterion used for segmenting consumer markets?
(A)Size of the market segment
(B)Size of the company
(D)Location advantage

6.A new company seeks to know more about Indian market. The company derives information from RBI’s reports, economic surveys, Financial standard surveys etc. This research data comes under the following category?
(A)Market information system
(B)Secondary data
(C)Primary data
(D)Tertiary data
(E)None of them

7.Which of the following helps best the better allocation of a firm’s finite resources?
(A)Marketing Information System
(B)Market segmentation
(C)Marketing research
(D)Marketing Mix
(E)Promotion Mix

8.For which of the following in Marketing PESTLE analysis is used ?
(A)Marketing Research
(B)Market Environment
(C)Marketing Strategy
(D)Market Segmentation
(E)Marketing Mix

9.Which among the following is done to highlight the areas that require improvement, and that require modification, prior to the establishment of the marketing plan?
(A)Mission statement
(B)Marketing audit
(C)SWOT analysis

10.Which among the following is the first stage in organizational buying process ?
(A)Product specification
(B)Problem recognition
(C)Need description
(D)Proposal solicitation
(E)Supplier selection

11.The most important aspect of marketing research is to find out which among the following?
(A)How much consumers earn
(B)What are the consumer need
(C)How much consumers spend
(D)Who are the competitors
(E)None of them

12.A manufacturer offering discount vouchers is an example of _____?
(B)Sales promotion
(D)Corporate Social responsibility
(E)None of them

13.A new term in economy Agflation was coined in 2007 . With which of the following Agflation is related to ?
(A)Price rise in Agricultural products
(B)Price rise in Biofuels
(C)Steep Price Rise in Bullion
(D)Inflation followed by stagflation
(E)stagflation followed by inflation

14.A new anti-wrinkle pill Inneov Fermete which is based on tomato extracted Lycopene, has been jointly produced by a food company and a cosmetic company. These companies are as follows:
(A)L’Oreal and Cadbury
(B)Open Sundaes & Nestle
(C)L’Oreal and Nestle
(D)The Body Shop & Kellogs
(E)L’Oreal and Kellogs

15.Which among the following factors create positive scope for retail opportunity in rural India?
(A)Rising Incomes in Rural India
(B)Mass media Penetration
(C)Sector wide Growth in Rural India
(D)Rising demand in rural India
(E)All of above



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