GKToday’s Mock Test Series 2014 for UPSC Prelims Paper-1

GKToday will start its Annual Mock Test Series for UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Examination 2014 (Paper-I General Studies) as a part of its Target 2014 programme. The Mock Test Series will start from January 1, 2014 and will end in June / July, 2014. This Test Series comprises a total of 25 Mock Test Papers, out of which 18 Mock Tests have been broken into 4 parts each and remaining mock tests are full length tests. With this post, we invite the interested readers to subscribe to this Test Series if they feel it may help them. The members of Target 2014 programme should not subscribe to this Test Series as it is a part of their programme.

Salient Features

  • Total 25 Tests with 100 questions each. Freedom to attempt tests anytime and for unlimited times.
  • 18 Mock Tests divided into 4 parts each, so that entire syllabus can be covered in systematic way.
  • Discussion via comment section open for 10 days on each test.
  • Online Tests in a responsive layout that works well on all devices. Sample Test
  • Solution in downloadable PDF with explanations wherever necessary.
  • Personalized E-score card to your mail sent automatically to your email.
  • All India Ranking via a dummy merit list in last seven full length tests.

How the Test is conducted?

The Mock Test Series 2014 comprises 25 Mock Tests with 100 questions each. Each test belonging to the initial 18 Mock Tests has been divided into 4 sectional tests as follows:

  • Part A (25 Questions) : Indian Polity and Constitution
  • Part B: (25 Questions) : Geography, General Science and Technology
  • Part C: (25 Questions): Indian History, Freedom Struggle, Culture and Heritage
  • Part D: (25 Questions) : Indian Economy, Current Events and Current General Studies.

The modus operandi of doing a Test in four parts is as follows:

  • The tests follow a rough syllabus as per our own GS Manual 2014. However, Manual is NOT the only source of the questions. Manual is there for providing you basic information, however, Tests may comprise complex questions from varied sources. We try our best to follow a pattern that is similar to UPSC.
  • A test is uploaded at Target 2014 Programme website and you are informed in your mail about it. Members can attempt the test and download the PDF solution / explanation of every test. The site automatically emails you your score card and our scoring pattern is similar to UPSC. ( awards 2 marks for correct answer, deducts 0.66 for incorrect answer)
  • In case of doubts on questions; members can discuss or post doubts in the comment section. Doubt clearing and discussion among members are integral part of every test. Admin remains active during the discussions and posts comments wherever necessary.
  • Beginning from January 1, 2014, every week, we solve one full test in four parts and have discussions on its questions. Generally, we keep Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for part A, B, C and D of each test every week, however, this is not a rule. As a rough idea, one test has to be finished every week.
  • You can take a sample test on this page to understand how each test would work.

Tentative Schedule

Tentative Schedule of the Mock Tests is located on Target 2014 Programme Worksheet.


The cost of 25 Mock Tests is Rs. 3500/- including service tax.

How to join:

Online Transaction:

Click the following button to make an online transaction to join the Test Series.
[button size=”normal” type=”success” value=”Subscribe Now” href=”http://ias.gktoday.in/product/prelims-paper-1-test-series”]

By Cash or NEFT Transactions

For a Cash Payment, you can go to the Nearest ICICI Bank Branch and deposit the amount in the following account. For Online Transaction, Kindly log in to your internet banking account and add the following account as a beneficiary / payee, with the given details.

  • Account Details
  • Account No: 065205000960
  • Account type: Current Account
  • Account Name: Suresh Soni IAS Academy
  • Branch Name: ICICI Bank, Kotputli, Jaipur
  • IFSC Code: ICIC0000652 (use for NEFT Transactions)

After making the above payments, please send the scanned copy of payment slip or screenshot of online transaction to [email protected] along with your full name and email address. The username and password will be sent to you via email. You will need to fill a detailed online form after your membership is activated.

Terms and Conditions

  • This programme is open for students and aspirants only. If you are not an aspirant, please don’t join.
  • This programme covers ONLY General Studies i.e. Paper-I of UPSC Preliminary Examination. It does not provide any formal support for your Paper II of Prelims Examination.
  • This programme is a supplement to your preparation and may not be a sole source of your preparation for any particular examination.
  • UPSC may not ask a single question from this Test Series, so these are not Guess Papers.
  • You agree to NOT to redistribute / resell/ reproduce any material provided. You are expected to use the content ONLY for your personal use. If we find any misuse of the documents by any member, we reserve the right to cancel your enrolment, forfeit the amount paid.
  • The author reserves the right to publish some questions on GKToday.
  • All Mock Tests and Solutions are in English Language ONLY.
  • Any dispute arising shall be subject to Kotputli (Jaipur) Court only.
  • The terms & conditions are subject to change at any point of time.
  • The pattern, schedule, structure of the documents are subject to change at any time.

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