Prelims-48: Current Affairs in Science and Technology

1.    NAVIC

  • NAVIC {NAVigation withIndian Constellation} is the new name of IRNSS {Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System}.
  • It has been designed to provide information over Indian region and an area extending about 1500 sq km around India {which is called its primary service area}.
  • Further, it will also provide service beyond this region {Extended Service Area} enclosed by a rectangle made by 30°S, 50°N, 30°E and 130°E latitudes and longitudes.
  • It will provide two types of services viz. Standard Positioning Service {SPS} for all users and also Restricted Service {RS} for only authorized users. RS is an encrypted service.
  • It is expected to provide position accuracy of better than 20 m in the primary service area.
  • The key applications include Terrestrial, Aerial and Marine Navigation; Disaster Management; Vehicle tracking and fleet management