Women Scientists Scheme (WOS)

Department of Science and Technology (DST) launched “Women Scientists Scheme (WOS). Under this scheme, women scientists are being encouraged to pursue research in frontier areas of science and engineering, on problems of societal relevance and to take up S&T-based internship followed by self-employment

This initiative primarily aimed at providing opportunities to women scientists and technologists between the age group of 27-57 years who had a break in their career but desired to return to mainstream.

Following three categories of fellowships, with research grants, are available for India citizen:

  • Women Scientist Scheme-A(WOS-A): Research in Basic/Applied Science
  • Women Scientist Scheme-B (WOS-B): S&T interventions for Societal Benefit
  • Women Scientist Scheme-C (WOS-C): Internship in Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) for the Self-Employment
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