Why social media is inherently a selfish medium?

Social media is a technological platform to share ideas, connect with people having similar interests and share information. Popular social media sites like facebook, twitter, Instagram share immense popularity across the world and specially among younger tech savvy generation.

Social media like twitter are generally used to put across ideas or share some thought or event by people. These inputs are generally one sided and express only one point of view. The ensuing debates on any issue are polarized with any attempt to show other side being viewed as opposition. Two way effective communications are rare.

Youngsters use media like Instagram and Facebook to share their photos, videos etc. Each one tries to put up a better image in order to garner more like and comments rather than any appreciation for other person. Media are used to promote oneself rather than connect with other members.

Social media sites too promote such behavior by adding features which are more ego boosters rather than any genuine appreciation. Selfies are taken with an objective of uploading on social sites rather than creating any memories. Social media promotes individualism rather than collectiveness

Discussions and supporting a social cause on social media too remain a superficial activity done with an intention to create a desired digital profile which is highly different from original personality. Many interest groups share information which looks genuine but has hidden agenda.

Social media is emerging as a tool of self promotion rather than genuine engagement. Though true it is an incomplete picture. Social media has a huge role in creating awareness about social and environmental issues by sharing information on one’s wall. Social media also allows people from far off world with shared interest to connect. Some of the revolutions in Middle East countries had their origin in social media.

Social media though an inherently selfish tool it can be wisely deployed to change way world communicates.

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