Who translated the Atharva Veda into Persian?

Akbar had a committee of scholars with cross lingual expertise. Some of them were Naqeeb Khan, Mulla Abdul Qadir Badayuni, Mulla Sheri and Sultan Haji Thanesari. In that era Mahabharat was translated into Persian and was renamed as Razm Namah (Saga of the Battlefield). Ramayana was translated by Mulla Abdul Qadir Badayuni. Badayuni also took up the task of Singhasan Batisi into Persian , which was later titled Khurd Afza in Persian.Atharva Veda was translated by Haji Ibrahim Sirhindi. Rajataringini by Kalhana was translated by Maulana Shah Mohammad Shahabadi. Panchtantra were rendered into Persian by Mulla Hussain Waiz (ref) and it was called Anwar-i-Suhaili. Panchatantra was also translated in Persian by Maulana Husain Faizi and its translated name was Yar-i-Danish. Abul Fazal, Vazeer of Akbar and author of Akbarnama had translated Panchatantra in persian as Anvar-i-Saadat.

His brother Faizi, one of the Navaratna had translated Nal-Damyanti into persian as Masanabi Nalaudaman.

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  • Shonit

    Pancha tantra was translated into Persian by Abul Fazl and was known as Anwar-i-Suhaili…kindly rectify it.

  • Admin

    Shonit, please check the ref. if still I am wrong do let me know, i will correct.