GK Question- 75

The Trikāya doctrine of Buddhism , which says that Buddha has three kāyas or bodies, was largely developed by which among the following ancient scholars?

Explanation: Asvaghosha, who flourished in the second century AD was born in Magadha but later he moved to the court of Kushana King Kanishka, thus lived at Peshawar. He is known for giving a clear exposition of the doctrine of unreality and developed the doctrine of Trikayas which says that Buddha has three kāyas or bodies, the nirmānakāya or created body which manifests in time and space; the saṃbhogakāya or body of mutual enjoyment which is a body of bliss or clear light manifestation; and the Dharmakāya or Truth body which embodies the very principle of enlightenment and knows no limits or boundaries. The later development of Mahayan Buddhism adopted this theory.

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